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Win the scholarship to get unique opportunities of the development

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Music scholarships in US and UK

If you are talented and ambitious, then you can reach high success and fulfill your own plans and ambitions. Nowadays there exist a great range of scholarships, which give a chance to perform abroad on the most famous stages, attend different camps. Each kind of musical talent is supported; you can even get an opportunity to make some researches in musicology.

Given information below will interesting and useful for you to check and be aware of such programs.

Scholarships which are offered from private organizations in America

Young Musician Foundation

The Young Musician Foundation deals with financing musicians between 8 and 26 to help them attend music camps, schools and festivals, private lessons. You have to be a resident of Southern California, show your great talent and prove their material need. If you sing, you have to be at least 12 and if play musical instruments you should apply before finishing the senior year of high school.

The first step is to present a record and then compete in live performance. The application fee is $25. This foundation has been successfully working for lots of years and help every person to reveal own talent.

The Opera Foundation

The aim of this scholarship is to provide contestants with an opportunity to sing in the famous opera houses in Europe. It`s a great experience for everyone.

If you compete for this scholarship, you compete for three at once and you have no right to choose. To take part you are to be a US citizen or a permanent resident, and to be between 18 and 30. The award of this program covers travel expenses which are $13,000 and $16,000 and you also get every month the stipend which is 700 and 1000 euros from opera houses.

Liederkranz Foundation

This foundation deals with scholarships for vocalist with three different awards, which vary from $1,5000 and $8,000. Each category has own age limits, number of arias sung, type of music performed. These types are as follows:

  • General Opera Division (20-35 years old). Here you are to sing 5 arias in 3 languages.
  • Wagner Division (25-45 years old): five arias, four be Wagner himself.
  • The Leader/ Art Division (18-30 years old): five art songs with keyboard accompaniment.

The application fee is $60.

College scholarships in US

University of South Carolina

The School of Music at the University of South Carolina provides two-thirds of its majors with scholarships. And it`s quite easy to get this, just an audition and if you are talented then you are accepted.

University of Iowa

This university also provides scholarships with the results of audition. You get this program for 2 years out of 4 years of studying. Everyone who struggles to build successful career can use these scholarships for their own benefit.

Scholarships in UK

More and more universities in the United Kingdom offer music scholarships, which pay up to 3,000 pounds a year.

The only thing you need to do is to take part in different performances and you will be paid for it. It`s a great way to enjoy favorite activities and make money at the same time. Here`s some of the offers:

University of Kent

The university pays up to 2,000 pounds per year to new students. All you have to do is to take part in performances and develop the musical profile while studying at college.

Durham University

This scholarship provides 3,000 pounds per year. The winner is expected to take active part in the musical life of University, representing Durham on all levels of performances.

University of Surrey

It`s available for organists and singers. Its purpose is to support the development of church music, work in choir.

If you are talented and ambitious, it doesn`t matter how old you are and what is your social status, you can achieve the highest results. And various scholarships are only in your benefit. These are only a small number of scholarships.  Check out more about such programs!

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