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Students pay much attention to the city conditions they study in

Posted by Sara Adkisson on
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The List of 10 Top Student Cities

More than 18 000 students during December 1016 and January 2017 had a chance to vote for the most suitable city for students. They had to pay attention to such categories:

  • Arts and culture
  • Nightlife
  • Affordability
  • Job opportunities
  • Diversity
  • Tolerance and inclusion
  • Ease of getting
  • Friendliness

Students and graduates decided on their own opinion which cities are the best for students. Still the results will surely surprise. So…let`s check them out!


The highest score was given to the capital of Canada. Despite this city isn`t in the list of big size cities, its friendliness and tolerance along with intensive and bright night life impresses students. Those who took part in this research also stated the favorable atmosphere for studying and new opportunities, they also commend the student-center culture, chance to get experience in different spheres of work. Moreover, bilingualism is spread in Ottawa.


Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is located in the heart of Europe. It attracts students with its historical outstanding architecture, awesome views. Students also mark its thriving night life and low costs. The following categories helped Prague to get the second place in our rating: low living costs, diversity, affordability, art and culture, ease at getting around. Here everyone can find lots of places to visit, much to see, delicious food to eat and drink.


Shanghai is a very large city which will totally impress you with its night life and outstanding activities. While studying in this city you will get a chance to meet new interesting people from all world corners, with separate backgrounds. Students gave this city the highest scores in the categories ease of getting around, nightlife, art and culture, friendliness. Responders also are found of city cuisine and the diversity of people they can meet.


Brno isn`t as famous as Prague but still it`s the center of students` life. Students` community is strongly developed here. Responders rate this city at tolerance and inclusivity categories. They also give scores for nightlife and affordability. Students find Brno attractive and really comfortable both for studying and other activities.


Montreal is regarded to be the cultural capital of Canada and obviously gets the highest scores at art and culture along with friendliness, affordability and diversity. Welcoming multinational environment, a range of activities attracts lots of students and let this city to be in the top list.


This UK city is praised for its friendliness and cool nightlife. Responders also admit the green spaces and college-town feel, affordability if compared with other UK cities. Art and culture also get high scores in the rating.


Boston is a medium-size American city, still it has a unique ability: it combines big city lights and the atmosphere of a small town. Students highlight the favorable education environment, welcoming atmosphere. So Boston gets its scores for friendliness, ease of getting around, art and culture.


Seoul, the South Korean capital, is also known as 24/7 city which is of course rated for its nightlife along with art and culture, ease of getting around. Students find this city safe and convenience, they also admit the diversity of activities and possibilities. Respondents also say this city is really good to stay in after graduation, so they are going to do so or have already done this.


The separate cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe are known under the uniting term Keihanshin. These cities get the highest scores for tolerance, art and culture. Responders admit a great combination of urban life and nature views around, students can discover historic places and at the same time enjoy the modern students` life.


Taipei, the Taiwan capital, is highly rated for friendliness and affordability. Students are impressed by its modern transport system, friendly locals and cheap and delicious food. What else students need?

The following cities also got special attention:

  • Riyadh – rated for job opportunities;
  • Vienna – highly scored for art and culture;
  • Canberra – people here are the friendliest to the students` mind;
  • Brisbane – highly scored for diversity;
  • Nanjing – rated for tolerance and inclusion;
  • Oslo – highly scored for ease of getting around.

This is the list of the most suitable cities for studying and self realization to students` mind. So you can make your decisions which city is the best to study in and why.

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